Vision, Mission and Foundation


Realize healthy living and clean world via commercially viable HTS technologies



Elevate the long-coveted HTS technology to full-scale commercialization by covering every corner of the smart insulation innovation from design to production to operation


Patented smart insulation innovation, cross-pollination from the world-class Korean semiconductor/secondary cell industry, and competent K-precision manufacturing

Smart Insulation as an Eventual Savior

Chimera-like behaviour

  • Insulated winding during normal operation (in superconducting state)
    • No field delay, no loss in field control, no problem in varying field
  • NI-like winding during abnormal heat generation (in the event of quench)
    • Avoid ‘direct’ burning
    • Provide quench detecting method unlike the NI approach

SI Wins Over NI Hands-Down

Four Pillars of Cellativity Core Competency

Strategy to Surpass Current HTS Magnet Leaders

  1. Inherit/embrace legacy from the competent K-precision mfg. for mass production
  2. Establish material choice and their composition to achieve the best smart insulation (SI) performance under specified operating conditions
  3. Cover every corner of SI innovation from HTS wire design to operation scenario for maximal SI benefits
  4. Develop tailored mfg proc. and EQP for SI insertion along HTS wire and SI-HTS magnet assembly

    With 1- 4, Cellativity uniquely poised to quickly learn and improve by “failing fast”!