• 2021.8: Founded as a Korean Fusion company with a motto “bring the artificial sun at your fingertips!”
  • 2022.1: Started business development as a Korean fusion supply chain company for global fusion start-ups and public labs,                                                                       while representing Korean companies that had participated in KSTAR and ITER projects
  • 2023.1: Established business relation with 5 global fusion start-ups and public lab
  • 2023.6: Identified HTS magnet as a pivot to support the existing fusion supply chain biz
  • 2023.10: Formed a strategic alliance with KERI (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) to commercialize Smart Insulation (SI) technology
  • 2024.1: Established business relation with 15 global fusion start-ups and public lab
  • 2024.3: Launched a 2-year project to raise TRL of an SI-based HTS magnet up to ‘6’